An old cowboy wandering the west with a batshit crazy dog and a fine Buckskin Mare in a Lakota LQ drug around by a tired ol' Dodge Pickup.

My Books; The Taylor Series


The very first Story I published to reviews that stunned and humbled me was...

 A Matter of Honor...

A Matter of Honor at Amazon

This link will take you there for the FREE book... it will also give you access to the individual books that came along inspired by "Honor"

Heart of a Man (Jeb Taylor Series Book 2)  The stories that have followed A Matter of Honor are;

Heart of a Man   

The Horsemen

  Leather and Stone

You can also just save yourself the time and hassle :) and make me a humble happy fella at the same time and simply buy the whole series with one click! The price of the four book series at Amazon is $11.97

 Jeb Taylor series at Amazon

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