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Friday, July 7, 2023

Time to Cowboy Up! And Start Digging In!

Been a few months of sweat and effort living in the "real world" again. I'm not wired for a "Town" job... and all that involves.

I've  been Working hard to collect the beans to carve out my bubble in the desert; where a man "Born out of Season", can live in a world he understands.

I am I think, a walking anachronism that frankly gets along poorly with modern ways and values. But, I keep saddling up and riding my circle and doing the best I am able.

Poetically if not in reality, what with Cora still stranded back in Missouri... I miss her terrible.

But, after a few months of gritting my teeth and leaning against the wind I finally got some dirt turned on the place I call Cochise.

Misunderstanding wrapped in silence and seasoned with impatience finally got overcome with stubbornness. 

Maybe my greatest fault is still occasionally useful.

I decided the energy was lacking for me to root out some DIY rawhide septic system myself. I did manage to wrangle a deal to get a "greywater" system pro installed. It will be complimented with a "composter" type "black" system. That will deal with, and minimize the use of precious water on the desert.

This septic is the State and county required key, demanded by the king. It unlocks the door behind which is held the permission to exercise the God given Right to build shelter. Meh... it is what it is. If it gets the man off my back and lets me pretend I'm actually "Free" I'll take it and run.

Because. In my heart. I -Am- Just a man. Free on the Earth.

And now, if I don't fumble and get it slammed in my face again... there is an open door... and an opening to saddle and Crack out!

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