An old cowboy wandering the west with a batshit crazy dog and a fine Buckskin Mare in a Lakota LQ drug around by a tired ol' Dodge Pickup.

Friday, July 7, 2023

Time to Cowboy Up! And Start Digging In!

Been a few months of sweat and effort living in the "real world" again. I'm not wired for a "Town" job... and all that involves.

I've  been Working hard to collect the beans to carve out my bubble in the desert; where a man "Born out of Season", can live in a world he understands.

I am I think, a walking anachronism that frankly gets along poorly with modern ways and values. But, I keep saddling up and riding my circle and doing the best I am able.

Poetically if not in reality, what with Cora still stranded back in Missouri... I miss her terrible.

But, after a few months of gritting my teeth and leaning against the wind I finally got some dirt turned on the place I call Cochise.

Misunderstanding wrapped in silence and seasoned with impatience finally got overcome with stubbornness. 

Maybe my greatest fault is still occasionally useful.

I decided the energy was lacking for me to root out some DIY rawhide septic system myself. I did manage to wrangle a deal to get a "greywater" system pro installed. It will be complimented with a "composter" type "black" system. That will deal with, and minimize the use of precious water on the desert.

This septic is the State and county required key, demanded by the king. It unlocks the door behind which is held the permission to exercise the God given Right to build shelter. Meh... it is what it is. If it gets the man off my back and lets me pretend I'm actually "Free" I'll take it and run.

Because. In my heart. I -Am- Just a man. Free on the Earth.

And now, if I don't fumble and get it slammed in my face again... there is an open door... and an opening to saddle and Crack out!

Friday, March 10, 2023

A Good Start on a Resurrection

    The first sunrise is the morning I started work. The sunrise with the tree is the Texas panhandle the morning after the tornadoes. I'd already been back on the road nearly 3 hours... and my first view of a snowcapped peak told me I was getting closer to the Rockies!
     Been back on the desert 7 days now. Made the 1200 mile run from Missouri in two days. Ran 9 hours from a late start on day one, busting through heavy rain and dodging tornadoes to the east and the leavings of a snow storm to the northwest.
     Followed up with a 15 hour run through Ruidoso the next day, rig humming like a watch.
     Pushed hard so I'd have plenty of time to get settled in. Started work 3 mornings later.
     I do believe they were a little hesitant to hire an old buster. The've had and have some "old" fellas and were concerned that someone of my advanced years might have some issues with the tasks. Soooo....they've mostly had young boys doing the job....(and they lack much "repairing" knowledge)
     Fact is, they've had to follow around behind those youngsters, poking with a sharp stick to keep them moving!  😉
     Felt kinda good when I was told the Boss commented; "It's only 10 in the morning and he's already got everything done it takes the kids All Day to NOT complete!" ..."...and it's soooo nice to not have to follow him around to make sure it all got done!"
     I have to be careful. I think I came close to dislocating my shoulder... patting myself on the back!😆
     Feeling better already (physically) than I have in a long time... after enduring the last 3 years of... yeah... the stuff that shall not be spoken... 😎
     Now, it's just some patience for me while I catch my breath while my "financial condition" gains some strength and depth... at which point my days off from the day job will take on a Fine Sheen.
     My Granddaughter and her Mother are taking care of Cora for a while. Soon as I button up a few 'technicalities' I'll beg enough time to make a fairly fast circle to go get her and bring her Home 🏡 
     The good fortunes that have fell out of the sky on me over the last six months or better, after last winter's (21-22) difficulty, are truly Blessings that continue to stun me. My future looks brighter just now than I can honestly remember. Thanks to the Boss.
    Enough wind for now... Adios.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

My neck is sore from... Watching Out For Meteors!

It seems to have started last September soon after my last post.

That big old truck I'd been struggling to rehab continually produced new challenges. Spell that; fresh challenges to my anemic income!

Then, though I wasn't looking, even if the doubts about the truck did invade my thinking here and there, an opportunity for a 2008 Chevy 3/4 popped up. 

Trouble was, as always, Dinero. The price was fair, but I only had half of the tariff left in my pocket. 

That's when the first Shiny good fortune fell out of the sky. Unbidden one close to me offered backing to collect the Chevy.

Now you need to understand; I have a long running history of ignoring opportunities that would be good for me. This time I swallowed that nonsense and accepted the offer. 

BOOM! I had a good and healthy Truck again! "Falling out of the Sky" Good Fortune #1!

Well, I put the old F600 up for sale in its 95% or so state of completion. We originally put a pie in the sky price on it. Figuring it can always be dropped. Which... ten days later we dropped it $1,000.

Well... Cue "Falling out of the sky" again!

A fella messaged "would I be interested in a trade for a trailer with some issues"? 

I replied "I'd sure consider it." Selling the F600 was to gain living quarters... soooo...

... The way I figure it this Trade, would give me significantly more than my original "pie in the Sky" asking price!

The issues were that somebody had pretty much gutted it. Ripped out the stove, refrigerator, dinette, all seating, the propane bottles, the thermostat and most of the vinyl flooring... and left it absolutely filthy inside...

BUT what remained is a 2018 two slide 30' or so Starcraft Camper... with a very clean outside.

Well BOOM! Title for title, I got my house! And all it will take is some elbow grease and not that many dollars to bring her up to speed!

Falling out of the Sky, good fortune #2!

Then, that same day, I heard of a maintenance guy job at a small store 45 miles or so from my Cochise county place.

"What the hell" I thought. "Can't hurt to apply." 

BOOM! I got the friggin' job! My wore out azz is goin' back to work moppin' floors, haulin' trash, fixin' roof leaks yadda yadda yadda...but it's BACK HOME in ARIZONA!! HOOYA!

But wait! It gets better! The job provides a FHU RV site! Including Propane! SCORE!
Basically free rent!

Bottom Line... my living expenses are already paid by my existing income. The full time job income will be free and clear to fund building up that Coshise spot!

Boom! Falling out of the Sky Good Fortune #3!!

But Good Fortune / Good Luck just Don't happen for me...

Which is why I'm now walking around looking up at the sky... expecting to see a meteor come screaming out of the Sky! 😆

Come early March, I'll be Home on the Arizona Desert! 

Which only goes to say; Never Quit. Never give up. Pick yourself up. Grit your teeth. Bow your head. And Ride in to the Wind... 'cause somewhere up ahead are sunny slopes... even for grumpy old bastards such as I!

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Bet Ya'll Thought I'd Turned Up My Toes and They Planted Me...

Well... Not yet!

There's lots of ways to say it; Never Quit. Never give up the Fight. Never die easy. It's time to separate the Cowboys from the men...


Point is; Time to Bow my head. Grit my teeth and Ride in to the Wind...

Came here to Missouri more'n five years ago. Plan was ONE summer to help my daughters family a little with their house build while my stove up shoulder healed... 

Yeah... My counsel is; Never!  Not EVER voice anything as a plan. Keep that thinking 🤐 under your hat!

Now here I am a lot less prime...but still digging my way under the fence.

The universe has thrown all sorts of fun and athletics in the way of my escape; Pneumonia, broken vehicles, financial demolition, all that disrupting "nonsense" of the past 2 1/2 years whose name shall not be spoken in my presence... and lately, just for added adventure, cancer and now subjecting Cora to laminitis...

Yep. My luck basket remains overflowing.

But the story does continue... just like those first few paragraphs describe.

There out in front of me, sustained by will and Hope is a tiny pinpoint of light... and this old buster is riding for it.

That raggedy old trailer "Mother Goose" that's pictured when I got her... and an Older Truck, "Frank" has joined her.

After way wayyyyyy too long they're Both nearing completion. I'll do a full catch up/tour on each as I get my own wheels rolling a little smoother.

I have a whole lot of houskeeping to do here on this neglected Blog!

Hopefully a few folks haven't yet deleted their subscription here... keep watching... I'm building something fine... 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Sky Above and the Stones Below

This old cowboy has been running uphill packing baggage he should long ago have set down.

I sure wish life was more like the stock market... you know, that selling short setup... where you can somehow turn a profit by losing money?

Yeah, that would be fine, 'cause I have that doin' it wrong part nailed.

Circumstance having caught my foot and drug me all the way back to Missouri some 3 years back... I've worked at a dozen different trails to break out and go Home....each and every one a miserable bust.

Homesick for the west, the fresh obstacle of a 21st century plague has me aching for a culture lost to the people of this century.

Lost to them, but it still lives. It's kept alive by a hardy few who preserve that western character and its clear eye in secluded spots across the west. They live their lives as they see proper, Free on the Land.

I saddled this Bronc, and this Bronc I'll get rode. I vow.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ya'll May Be Right!

... and I DID fall on my head one too many times...

But when I crash and burn that very last time I think all will be able to agree that it wasn't for lack of trying!

Working on those decisions I mentioned... and it's a piece of work, because the wrong ones I made run deep and take some diggin' to reach...

To read how things are just starting to shake out follow on back to my Old Blog... It's a continuing story... 'cause I'm whipped to a pulp... but I ain't done yet!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Not Much New... Still Running Against the Wind...

Been I believe the longest time I've gone without a post since I started blogging back in 2006 or so...

Truth be known, there wasn't a lot more than just day to day livin' goin' on to write about. And the day to day is getting pretty tough.

I started on this chapter of my journey back in the late winter and spring of 2015. Goin' back to horse I said. Lordy, I had no good idea just what I was steppin' into.

It's been a steep climb with a hard wind in my face ever since. That wouldn't be so bad if I was gaining. But when you look up in the afternoon, and you're lower on the mountain you're climbing than you were when you started that morning... and those days start to run on as the normal way of things, at some point a buster has to stop and take a sharp look at things.

I made the choices I did 2 1/2 years ago based on the idea that even if I couldn't grow my income I'd be able to sustain it where it was. Yeah? Well I was wrong. Wrong as hell to be more accurate. The harder I've worked at it, the further it sunk. At this point off better than 35%.

A whole conglomeration of things has tagged me faster than I've had the ability to adjust. The growth of Smartphones and FB and google's dance have decimated website advertising income. My book sales have fell off heavy. Though reviews are as good as ever, each new book enjoys a shorter time in the sun with a smaller impact...

Compound that with repetitive expensive repairs on top of a real steep vet bill... and it'll dent a man's spirit.

Considering I wasn't near to riches to begin with losing a third of income and more just ain't a sustainable deal on top of the increasing expenses. You get to feeling like a feather caught in a blender!

A fella can only run hard for so long... only I'm finding in this deal they ain't alowin' the guy to stop and catch his breath. Soooooo...

That leaves me with hard choices that'll have to be made this summer and fall. Not sure what those choices all are just yet... I only know that to keep on keepin' on as I've been doing to save face and not be a "Quitter" is well... it's just dumb.

Talking about much the same thing quite a while ago (yup, I also apparently am learning disabled) I said the first thing to do when you find yourself in a hole is to quit digging.

Good advice. I sure wish I'd been listening! Seems like all I did when I stopped was change shovels... and then went back to work with a bigger spade!

At this age I'm weary of lost causes...

I've got another Harvest I'm lined up for up in Sidney starting again in September. I'll be wearing out pencils and erasers cipherin' and cogitating through the summer trying to work out a trail, as I finish out my work here for my daughter... and sometime in the fall, when I look back and see where the trail lead me... I'll know which way I went!