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Friday, March 10, 2023

A Good Start on a Resurrection

    The first sunrise is the morning I started work. The sunrise with the tree is the Texas panhandle the morning after the tornadoes. I'd already been back on the road nearly 3 hours... and my first view of a snowcapped peak told me I was getting closer to the Rockies!
     Been back on the desert 7 days now. Made the 1200 mile run from Missouri in two days. Ran 9 hours from a late start on day one, busting through heavy rain and dodging tornadoes to the east and the leavings of a snow storm to the northwest.
     Followed up with a 15 hour run through Ruidoso the next day, rig humming like a watch.
     Pushed hard so I'd have plenty of time to get settled in. Started work 3 mornings later.
     I do believe they were a little hesitant to hire an old buster. The've had and have some "old" fellas and were concerned that someone of my advanced years might have some issues with the tasks. Soooo....they've mostly had young boys doing the job....(and they lack much "repairing" knowledge)
     Fact is, they've had to follow around behind those youngsters, poking with a sharp stick to keep them moving!  😉
     Felt kinda good when I was told the Boss commented; "It's only 10 in the morning and he's already got everything done it takes the kids All Day to NOT complete!" ..."...and it's soooo nice to not have to follow him around to make sure it all got done!"
     I have to be careful. I think I came close to dislocating my shoulder... patting myself on the back!😆
     Feeling better already (physically) than I have in a long time... after enduring the last 3 years of... yeah... the stuff that shall not be spoken... 😎
     Now, it's just some patience for me while I catch my breath while my "financial condition" gains some strength and depth... at which point my days off from the day job will take on a Fine Sheen.
     My Granddaughter and her Mother are taking care of Cora for a while. Soon as I button up a few 'technicalities' I'll beg enough time to make a fairly fast circle to go get her and bring her Home 🏡 
     The good fortunes that have fell out of the sky on me over the last six months or better, after last winter's (21-22) difficulty, are truly Blessings that continue to stun me. My future looks brighter just now than I can honestly remember. Thanks to the Boss.
    Enough wind for now... Adios.

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