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Thursday, February 2, 2017

They Make a Good Fit

Filled one of the truck bins this morning for the first time. I thought I had it calculated pretty close - and I was right!

Four 80# sacks of Alfalfa pellets fit in a bin. That's 640# of feed on the truck... and another 480 or better in the trailer bins.

Which is pretty awesome. That means while I'm still with only Cora, between the two trailer bins and these two truck bins I'll have something better than two months of groceries for her - anywhere I go. 

Checked up on Cora again this morning... She'll be coming home next week. Friday maybe. Going up to ride myself early in the week. I'll be glad to swing my own leg over the saddle on her...been a long time working to get here.

Makes me kinda nervous actually. Been pretty close before. 

Just pull my hat down, suck in some wind and ride it out I guess.

Long way to go yet and obstacles showing up on the horizon... but one way or t'other... it'll get done.



  1. Be safe, like your new stirrups, I liked tapaderos later in life.. not that you had s problems watering horses, when I was hauling a lot I put mint(few drops) in the water buckets days before hauling and the never missed drinking. Find in spice aisle.

  2. Bet you are excited to get Cora. Good getting all that feed ahead. Don't slip out of those stirrups! I did that once on the first ride I ever did...skinned my leg up bad...while I was bouncing along with NO idea to remedy it. I should have just stuck to the supermarket 'horsie'. LOL (Got saddle sores on my butt and sat on a pillow at work, too!)