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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Missouri Mud

Been raining for 12 hours or so. Poor Cora is standing in a sea of mud down in the round pen.

Same story since I got here. For weeks and weeks the Sun has come out and sets to drying things out - 'bout the time this Missouri clay dehydrates enough to be safe working her... it starts raining again.

Only managed maybe four rides since I left Arizona... 

This time it's one of the heavier downpours. Roads getting flooded out.

Might be green here, but I believe I'll keep good old Arizona Western brown. Only good use for water is washing your feet... and ruining good whiskey.


  1. Yep, it's brown down here and you wouldn't have liked being here the last two days. I've never seen such wind and blowing dust. This ole motorhome was rocking so hard I was sea sick! We are heading out around the first of the week for greener pastures--probably a little rain/snow/wind up there too.

  2. Wet beats White...It's a blizzard here in Lovely Ouray :(
    I can't take summers in Arizona, so I'll live a come and go life. Right now I feel like I've had enough winter. Bring on the sun.

  3. Crazy weather everywhere! Cold and windy plus wet, wet, wet here in Ohio.