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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Every Day a Little Progress

Was walking through the "local" Family Dollar the other day picking up a few cheap odds 'n ends, razors, paper plates, yadda yadda...

Been wanting for a bit, a few of those clip bars that hold papers on the wall at a desk or work bench etc. I had 'em in my old leather shop. Handy as hell for keeping all sorts of things organized.

Trouble is they're pricey. $12 or $14 a piece and you have to order 'em... pita.

 So anyway, I'm stumbling around the Dollar store for my few little things and Blink! That lil' light came on when a package of old fashioned clothes pins crossed my vision. $1.75 too. Not a dozen bucks for each!

Well I grabbed that lil package and started working on the deal. Got four siliconed up on the side wall... was sittin' and gazin' at my cleverness and another light blinked on; "Another pair could fit on the window valance. 😆 ... and then a third...

I get a lot of disjointed notes when I'm working on a book. Scrambled Ideas and unexpected conversations with my characters happen all the time. I scribble down those things before the idea escapes me. Might be 2 in the a.m. Then I have to find some way to organize 'em in a workable way...

I've gone through several evolutions of "story boards" for my writing shed... I believe this evolution of that writing shed is developing real well.

Another day or two and I'll tool up lil' leather overlays to dress up those clothes pins! Yep. Kuh-lassy! 😎

 - Brian


  1. Pretty nice desk area you have there for working. Nice website too. I've added this to my blog sidebar and will keep your old one there for reference for those that visit. Glad to read you could make it back out west and pick up at least one of your horses. Sounds like all is good for you. Way to hang in there when times are tough.

  2. Looks like a practical solution to me.

  3. I just love it when the 'light bulb' goes on...sometimes all it takes is the right 'visual' to cross your path and BINGO