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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The First Post of a Fresh Blog...

Since pretty much ever'thing I've done the past couple of years has carved out such a huge change to the life I'm living I thought it proper to create a Fresh Blog that is more fitting to the road that's leading me on.

And so I've created THIS blog; A Fine Horse in New Country.

... and here is where my life on the web will get displayed.

Considering how many more difficulties the eggheads create__Ever'time they tinker with and "Simplify" the "internet" and all the software that runs it__getting all the kinks worked out of this is gonna take some little while. (I don't do it near often enough to have it be a learned skill - and so I've got to relearn the "Improved" and more Difficult!!! malarky to git 'er done every time!)

- Brian

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