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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wrong Again Snowflake. There is No Plan! - Your Failures Belong to YOU!

I've seen it over and over. Eventually I can't keep quiet in the face of the nonsense. This seems like a good and proper time of year to expose that wrong way of thinking with another episode of Cowboy Sermonizin' ...

*In The Early Morning Light*

God does NOT have a "Plan" for you. He never did. He never will. So STOP! blaming him__for all of YOUR bad choices. Stop it! I am weary of weak people trying to shove the fault off on the Boss for the mess their lives are in, using that passive-aggressive lie; "It's in God's Hands" or some other version of; "It's Not MY fault".

The Boss put on this earth every single thing we could need to have and live a good life. Then he built us. Included in our makeup is - Free choice and Free Will.

~ The RIGHT ... and the RESPONSIBILITY to choose our own destinies ~

When bad things happen HE didn't do it and HE didn't "Allow" it__ WE did it to ourselves.

We live in the world he created for us. But, what occurs in that world is of our own choosing. It is not some arbitrary and unknowable "Plan" that floats around out of our control. It is not the Boss's plan, direction or timing.

It. Is. Yours. It is our OWN choices.

So STOP! with the "It's GOD's plan" __ "Its in GOD's hands now", abusive, cowardly, nonsense. That's BS.

Grow up and take responsibility. Accept that the Bad things that happen to you are largely the consequences of your OWN bad choices or the result of foolishly allowing others to take control and power over your life.

Quit blaming the Boss! You did it!

He was there before and he shall be waiting after. He will grant the courage, if asked, to persevere. But THAT is the ONLY action of intervention he takes in THIS world. It is up to you to learn from the mistakes and do better with what you were given.

He does not intervene to push his "agenda". His only "agenda" was to create a world ripe with the opportunity for you to take what he built - and do something wonderful that fills you up - that Sparks your own individual imagination. 

The Responsibility for your life, Snowflake, sits squarely on Your shoulders, and no-one Else's. Do with it what you will.

- Brian


  1. I'm right there with you on this one. I can't stand it when people think that "It's out of our hands" or "It's not my fault". Everything that's happened to me has in one way or another been at least partly my fault or due to what I did in the past!!!

    If more people would take responsibility for their actions, the whole world would be better off!!


  2. Snowflake Cindy is... well... imagine a snowflake sitting on the ground expecting its pleadings to "Lord Save me!" to protect it from the sunshine. And while it sits waiting for salvation, rather than building an insulated cooler to armor it against the heat, it melts, crying all the while; "Why have you abandoned me?" (The "its not my fault" excuse)

  3. If I was developing characters in a novel then I guess I would have to take the time to think about what people do or don't do with religion as a motivation. It is a wonder that every author is not driven crazy by having to think and write about people they would never want to spend any amount of time being around. Then having to spend time living with them in your head day and night for months while writing a book. It is enough to put anyone into a morose mood. But then again maybe that is what it takes to write about them.

  4. I'm with you entirely on this one! So tired of people not taking the responsibilities for their actions.

  5. I'm mostly with you too. I just don't agree that it's always your own fault. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but it's certainly not part of God's plan!